Refractory Construction

What can we do for you?

Our commitment is to be a trusted partner, fostering lasting client relationships and delivering value-focused solutions.

We leverage strategic alliances and partnerships with industry leaders to enhance the value we offer to our clients. These collaborations allow us to access specialized resources, cutting-edge technology, and a wealth of expertise, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality and most innovative solutions tailored to their needs.

Our Broad Range of Application Techniques:

You can have full confidence in our ability to deliver a world-class solution, supported by our years of experience, skilled tradespeople, and cutting-edge machinery.

The Materials we use are defined by your needs.

Material choice can feel like a complicated decision, but we can help. We understand the dynamics of sourcing the right refractory for the right application.

-We will source the same brand/product or provide an alternative.

-If you need it, we will find it.

-We can provide new and improved options.

-Different methods have specific strengths and weaknesses.

-Some instances Freight expense should be factored into material selection due to the significant impact on costs.

Let our experienced team assist you with refractory services, designs, maintenance, materials, and more.

At BLC, our knowledgeable team with years of experience excels in safely delivering projects on time. We cater to custom specifications, schedules, and budgets, providing comprehensive refractory solutions that consistently exceed expectations.

Allow our project management team to utilize their experience to help you with all your refractory service, designs, maintenance, materials, and more.

At BLC, we stay up-to-date with industry utilization of technology. Our entire team is well trained and has years of experience in fulfilling projects safely through time management. We understand that our customers have custom specifications, schedules and budgets. Allow our team of refractory experts to take care of all of refractory needs. You will find our project management will exceed your expectations.

We will manage every aspect of your plan through every phase.

Our services and controls you can benefit from: scheduling, planning and engineering, selection of superior materials, failure analysis, thermomechanical calculations, quality control monitoring, as well as procedures for dry-out and start-up, and final reports.

We offer consulting services for refractory failure analysis.

We provide physical, mechanical and thermal measurements to determine the cause of failure. Analysis includes possible failures and complete solutions for required preventive maintenance. Our experience benefits our clients through the application of rigorous standards, safety, and legal compliance. Forensic inquiries into a failed or possible failing process can help eliminate or mitigate costly litigation.

We offer microstructural analysis, quality or conformity testing; we have the capabilities to perform physical and chemical properties testing of your structures.

We design testing to custom fit our clients' needs;

We are especially proficient in the analysis of propriety systems and products. Finally, we make sure the proper Testing is performed to analyze Building Products, Building Structures, Ceramic, Chemical, Environmental, Failure, Temperature Performance, Microstructural, Mineralogical, Physical & Thermal, QA/QC, Refractory Materials, Products, Slip Resistance, Surface, as well as analysis of techniques. 

This is an excellent opportunity to stay ahead of potential failures. We can also offer our customers continued consulting services throughout the year to maintain your system at its optimum level.