Duct Lining

Ducts can easily be susceptible to moisture, rust, corrosion, and mold.

This can lead to a substantial energy loss as well as poor air quality. BLC provides extensive engineered solutions for high-operational performance duct lining systems.

BLC duct lining experts use a process that completely seals all areas of the ductwork resulting in significant energy savings as well as air quality improvement. From repair to designing and new construction, BLC uses a duct lining system process that has been tested extensively for safety.

To save money contact a BLC expert. We can provide you with an engineered duct lining solution today.

Our objective is to provide a cost effective and long term resolution.

 Our process is a simple and efficient solution to ductwork problems. All of our products will help achieve superior performance and protect your ducts against growth and damage.

Because BLC is not a novice in duct lining systems, we can restore corroded, rusted, and highly deteriorated ductwork. We have resolved complications for our clients ranging from hot spots to total steel failure. To prevent energy loss, remember to keep temperatures in your duct consistent.