About Us

The Bobby Lashley Corporation was founded in 2004 as a general contractor operating specifically in the refractory installation space working with several large steel manufacturers throughout the southeast and in our home state of Georgia.

In time, we realized we had a knack for not only complex and custom repairs but also efficient project management.

So we set a new mission for ourselves: Develop a full-service refractory and engineering company that delivers an exceptional customer experience while coordinating the completion of outstanding work.

Our team is especially adept at solving quick turnaround or emergency order requirements found in turnarounds or outages at regional plants. We have the equipment and personnel available to serve new construction and also regular maintenance during shutdowns. At Bobby Lashley Corporation, we understand that unexpected shutdowns are costly. To help minimize downtime and get you back online fast, our team of refractory experts is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to resolve furnace refractory issues.